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Game with addictive "snake" mechanic about 5 heroic mans who fights against Pigs-Bosses and their dangerous allies.

Every hero have 2 slots for upgrades and 4 skills for buying: Gun, Armor, Speed, Loot.

Create your squad and defeat dirty Pigs-Bosses!
Why only 2 slots?

Skills are of two types: "Personal" and "Party". When any hero with "Party skill" died, other heroes also lose him "Party skill". Unlike "Personal skills".
Why respawn button has ad?

We don't planned button "respawn" and any ads, but... I doubt that you click the "donate" button, if we add it. Unfortunately, game sponsors are not interested in buying these types of games.

You can pass all game without respawn.
Inspired by "Frantic Frigates" (and "Snake Squad")

Gameplay like at "Frantic Frigates", but your earned money & upgrades WITH YOU. "Frantic" RESET your money & upgrades after each die, but give rank and some starting $. We love to experiment with game mechanics. So thanks for your experience.
Thanks all for your feedbacks!
We welcome your suggestions and ideas.


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Gave it a go...


Play with achievements http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/681528